Bioapigyn® vaginal hemostatic

APIHERBAL Ltd. was founded with the aim of certification, registration, distribution and marketing of new medical devices, medical products and natural cosmetics developed in the collaboration with ORESCANIN Ltd. The main goals of both companies are application of the scientific research into development of:

  • new herbal medical products for the treatment of various condition: including uro-genital infections, chronic wounds, inflammatory skin diseases, perimenopausal and menopausal problems, urinary incontinence, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, oral infections, pain relief;
  • new innovative natural cosmetics products;
  • new natural personal care products.

Years of scientific experience in the field of toxicology and chemistry combined with clinical practice has resulted in the development of more than fifty herbal products under BIOAPIFIT® protected trademark. Special subcategory named BIOAPIGYN® represents the products specially designed for the preservation and improvement of intimate women’s health.

The main characteristics of BIOAPIFIT® products

  • a patented formulations based on 100% natural origin combining the extracts and the essential oils of the selected medicinal plants and honeybees products;
  • without synthetic preservatives, artificial colorants and fragrances;
  • only certified and chemo-typed essential oils as well as medicinal plants of controlled origin are used in our products;
  • the effectiveness of the products was confirmed by clinical trials and positively evaluated by the world scientific community.

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